A sweet, salty musk.

Abel Cyan Nori Eau de Parfum

Inspired by the ocean, Cyan Nori has a sweet, salty, and effervescent scent. This fragrance features fruity and juicy notes with a touch of plant-derived musk. Its opening is a blend of tangerine and peach, leading to a deep-sea, salty dry-down.
If you long for gritty, beachy days with salt-drenched hair and sun-warmed skin, Cyan Nori is the scent for you.

Top: tangerine, peach
Heart: plant-derived musk
Base: nori


For almost a decade, Abel has been creating the world’s best 100% natural perfume without compromising on ethics or aesthetics.

Tired of putting toxic chemicals on her skin and knowing their impact on the environment, Frances Shoemack was searching for a truly natural perfume and came up short. Soon after, the idea for Abel was born. Fellow New Zealander, Master Perfumer Isaac Sinclair became Shoemack’s first ally in the quest to revolutionise an industry. Together, they created perfume that is not only 100% natural, but also modern and stands up alongside the world’s best.

The entire Abel collection is Vegan Society certified. This means all of products and 100% of the ingredients used have been independently verified as containing no animal ingredients or by-products throughout the manufacturing process, as well as being cruelty-free. Beautiful perfume is only made without harm to animals, ourselves, or our planet.


Tangerine oil - Brazil
Aldehyde c14 - *plant derived peach note
Ambrettolide – *plant derived musk note
Hexenol cis-3 – *plant derived green tea note
Bergamot oil – Italy
Ambroxan – *plant derived ambergris note
Nori absolute - France
Non-denatured food grade grain alcohol - Italy *organic

Size: 15mL

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Usually ready in 2 hours