The essence of lasting impact.

Amphora Parfum Sublimate

Embrace the unknown with SUBLIMATE: leaving no trace begs the question - will anyone remember you? Despite the bittersweet farewell, find solace in the fleeting moments that define us.
Drawing from nostalgic scents of youth, SUBLIMATE reveals the essence of leaving a lasting impact.

top: frozen apple slices, dried rose petals
mid: candied violets, marshmallow
base: cashmere, white musk


"AMPHORA PARFUM is my love letter to the unanswerable. throughout my life, i’ve found art (especially fragrance) to be the one of the most effective ways to communicate feelings that are too complex to explain in words alone. that being said, scent is so often overlooked in the world of art—and on an equal scale, too frequently viewed+marketed as a “tool” in the world of personal care, rather than a method of self-expression. with AMPHORA PARFUM, it’s my goal to push past those rules and create a world that challenges the current landscape of perfumery. i think of my work as a scented display of emotion; a way to speak for yourself without saying a word."

- Noah Virgile


ethyl alcohol, perfume, linalool

Size: 50mL

Pickup available at Williamsburg Store

Usually ready in 2 hours