Waking up in the jungle at dawn.

Costa Brazil Resina De Breu

The power of rare, potent, and natural ingredients sourced ethically from the Amazon.
Used for centuries to enhance peace of mind, focus, and to balance the sixth chakra, Breu is a natural resin that is found in the jungles of Brazil and is revered for its healing. When burned intermittently, Breu releases a complex, woodsy aroma of rich earth and crushed leaves that helps to purify and reinstate harmony to a room. It does not remain lit like a candle or inccense; it offers a more brief ritual, like burning sage.
  • Aromatic
  • Spirit Lifting
  • Peace of Mind
  • Balance
  • Focus

Aromatic Oleoresin With Ceramic Tray

An aromatic resin that soothes the skin and mind, Breu also provides all of our formulas with a captivating fragrance.

Sustainably sourced, environmentally responsible, vegan, no animal testing, free of parabens, phthalates, pegs, silicones, sulfates, gluten, mineral oil and artificial colorants, dermatologist tested.

You will smell it before you see it. Breu, a natural resin from the Almacega tree in the Amazon, is revered for its aromatherapeutic benefits such as peace of mind, focus and balance. Over time, it has been burned in ancient Aztec-and Mayan-rituals from Mexico to Central America, and smudged by Shamans for spiritual cleansing purposes in South America, giving off a smoky dark scent of fresh earth and crushed leaves, invoking ripe lemons and fallen pine needles.

When COSTA BRAZIL founder Francisco Costa brought Breu home with him to get tested after a trip into the Brazilian rainforest, he discovered the resin also contained antimicrobial and skin soothing properties when used topically. That’s why the raw ingredient is found in so many of our products—Kaya Anti-Aging Face Oil, Body Cream, Bath Salts and Candle—the latter of which allows our signature scent to linger in a room like it would after a sacred ritual in the jungle, its welcoming arms opening and enveloping you whole.


Resina De Breu

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