A radiant Icelandic summer.

Fischersund No. 101 Candle

Drawing inspiration from the wild and enchanting backyards of Reykjavik, No. 101 embodies the spirit of Iceland's brief yet radiant summers, prolonged by the continuous daylight.
It evokes the scents and melodies of urban summer living, mirroring the soul of the metropolis. But just as quickly as summer arrives, it surrenders to the icy embrace of winter.

Weathered garden chairs stacked 
against the wall. A flower pot filled
with rain and cigarette butts sits
on the uprooted pavement now
swallowed by chervil. Echoes of a nearby party.
Fingers digging up sorrel and dandelions.
Freshly fallen snow on a forgotten trampoline.
Black currants fall from bare branches, one by one.


For maximum burning hours, always keep the wick trimmed to around 3-5mm prior to burning, When lighting the candle for the first time and keep lit for max 2 hours. Make sure the wax melts evenly across its surface during the first burn.Only burn this candle on a level, heat resistant surface. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep away from flammable objects. Keep away from children and pets. Container might get hot.

Net Weight: 185 gr
Gross Weight: 530 gr
Burn time: 55 hours
Made in Iceland


Fischersund scented candles are crafted with care, using recycled soy wax, an eco-friendly cotton wick, and premium fragrance oils. Each candle is hand-crafted in Reykjavík and is hand-poured into a custom hand-blown glass vessel.

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Usually ready in 2 hours