Ships sailing into harbor.

Fischersund No. 23 Eau de Parfum

Crafted with inspiration from Old Reykjavík, Fischersund No. 23 Eau de Parfum captures a sense of nostalgia and heritage. Influenced by Jónsi's reminiscences of toiling alongside our father on the bustling ships that sailed into the historic harbor. 
Experience the unique blend of industrial hands, salty ocean breeze, and the aroma of tobacco. Notes of smoky wood, freshly cut grass, and tarred poles are complemented by the feminine touch of pine.
Delicate floral scents wilt in the gentle breeze, evoking a sense of grace. Unleash a burst of aromas, reminiscent of a majestic beached whale.

Top: Bergamot, Black Pepper, Licorice
Middle: Cypress, Siberian Fir
Base: Birch Tar, Amber Gris, Patchouli

Key Elements: Black Pepper, Birch Tar, Tobacco, Citrus, Seaweed, Wood


Each fragrance is hand-crafted and wrapped in a cotton bandana illustrated by Ingibjörg Birgisdottir.

Ingredients / INCI
Eau de parfum
50ml / 1.7 oz
Made in Iceland


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