A father's workshop.

Fischersund No. 54 Eau de Parfum

No. 54 is a perfume that honors a father's workshop. In our youth, it was a place brimming with boundless intriguing potential - from tools of the craft to a novice's workbench – with a touch of risk.
This fragrance transforms atypical scents into something enthralling and potent.

Fresh coat of varnish on a wooden shed.
Uprooted moss, wet dirt and vetiver roots.
Burnt car tires on hot asphalt and dry patchouli.
Heavy slow-drying oil painting.
Icelandic alpine fir, footsteps in frozen grass and salt liquorice.
Dirty leather, animalistic musk and ammonia.

Top Notes - Bergamot, Grapefruit, Varnish
Middle Notes - Mountain Pine, Spice
Base Notes - Cedarwood, Leather, Vetiver


Each fragrance is hand-crafted and wrapped in a cotton bandana illustrated by Ingibjörg Birgisdottir.

Ingredients / INCI
Eau de parfum
50ml / 1.7 oz
Made in Iceland


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