Falling asleep in the sun.

Frassaï Dormir al Sol Eau de Parfum

Entrance your senses with a tranquil reset as you dreamily surrender to the soothing embrace of Dormir al Sol.
Inspired by the ethereal beauty of being asleep in the sun, this fragrance transports you to a suspended moment of warmth and enchanting reverie. Let Dormir al Sol guide you to a timeless escape where you can create your own story.

Top: Lime, mandarin, forest pepper pure jungle essence*
Heart: Mimosa absolute, brandy pure jungle essence, guaiac wood Gran Chaco
Base: Vetiver Bourbon, Patchouli Gayo, Saffron


"Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
Feel the expansion,
the warmth of golden light
Touching your skin
There are no borders
No limits,
No time or space
There is just you and the Now."

Vegan. Free of colorants. Cellophane-free packaging.

Perfumer: Irina Burlakova
Creative Direction: Natalia Outeda

Size: 50mL

Pickup available at Williamsburg Store

Usually ready in 2 hours


an invitation to embark on an olfactive journey through South America