A contrast of instincts.

Maison d'Etto Noisette Eau de Parfum

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A sophisticated, reticent and textured fougère that lingers on the skin. Pulses of French lavender and orris awaken the mind and body. A delicate wrapping of ambrette seed, musk and amber leaves a calming warmth and gentle embrace brings serenity to the soul. Noisette is a reflection of individuality and peaceful inquisition. A contrast of instincts, it appears soft but unwavering, subtle but strong, quiet but confident while brewing close to the skin in a place held only for those we allow into our precious human spirit.
Smells like: Magnolia Flower, Musk ( TOP );
Orris Concrete, French Lavender Oil ( HEART );
Ambrette Seed, Lavandin Absolute, White Amber ( BASE )

<h6>Eau de Parfum (℮&nbsp;60 ml / 2 fl. oz.)</h6>
<h6>Perfumer: Pascal Gaurin</h6>


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