A luxurious celebration.

Marissa Zappas Annabel's Birthday Cake Eau de Parfum

Indulge in the ethereal aroma of Annabel's Birthday Cake, a luxurious celebration of another year on this earth. Is it meant for you? 
The lush garden serves as the backdrop for the event, showcasing a pastel cake adorned with a decadent tuberose frosting and delicate candied rose petals. A group of shimmering gold balloons float around the cake, while majestic angels settle into their seats at the table, all in honor of Annabel.

Notes: Heliotrope, Lemon Sugar, Balloons, Tuberose Frosting, Candied Rose Petals, Cake Fresh-out-the-oven, Honeycomb, Roasted Tonka, Cocoa Absolute.

Size: 50mL

Pickup available at Williamsburg Store

Usually ready in 2 hours


blending fantasy, reality, the gothic and the modern.