Scandalously wealthy.

Sable Yong Die Hot With A Vengeance Eau de Parfum

A fragrance to accompany a book?
We're dead!
The impeccably stylish, morally complex, and scandalously wealthy.
Picture a blend of red wine on a Birkin bag, smudged lipstick on suede that's impossible to remove, and the faint scent of a dying apology bouquet mingling with your Paloma cocktail from the hotel bar.
Add in notes of maraschino cherry juice, fresh tire tread on a cool night's asphalt, neon signs, milky vinyl, stale cigarette ash, and a hint of thrown cake.

This is exactly what you'll experience with Die Hot With A Vengeance, made in collaboration with Hoax Parfum. What a coincidence.


is a New York-based beauty writer and fragrance expert whose work appears in prestigious publications like The New York Times, Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar. As the former digital beauty editor at Allure, Yong has established herself as an award-winning voice in the industry.

Her passion for scents is evident in her co-hosting of the "Smell Ya Later" podcast, which explores various olfactory topics. Yong also pens a personal newsletter, "Hard Feelings," on Substack.

Expanding her literary reach, Yong's essay collection "DIE HOT WITH A VENGEANCE" is set for publication by Harper Collins on July 9, 2024. Her expertise spans from in-depth fragrance analysis, as seen in her Allure article on oud, to broader beauty and cultural commentary, making her a respected figure at the intersection of beauty, scent, and culture.


is a boutique olfactive design house based in New York City. Founded and creatively led by perfumer Joey Rosin, the company specializes in providing brands of all sizes access to the art of scent creation.

As an olfactive design house, Hoax Parfum focuses on creating unique and captivating fragrances.


Alcohol denat., fragrance (parfum), citral, eugenol, geraniol, limonene, linalool

Size: 50mL

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