Elevate your routine.

Sándor Gua Sha

Elevate your hair care routine with this exquisite comb, carefully crafted to relieve tension and invigorate the scalp. A must-have for a truly luxurious experience.

With gentle pressure, move the Gua Sha over the scalp in either short S strokes or elongated strokes to detect where you hold tension.

Store your stone in its box when not in use to prevent breakage in case of accidental drops. Cleanse with mild soap and water after each use.


Crafted from Bian stone, a mineral-rich material formed over 65 million years ago in Shandong, China by a meteorite collision. Scientific research has revealed its infrared wave emissions, known to reduce inflammation and improve circulation, making it the ideal component for the Gua Sha tool.

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Usually ready in 2 hours