Various Instruments Futuro Vase

Various Instruments is an experimental, process based product design project by sculptor & ceramicist Dan DiFerdinando.

Designs pull from many diverse influences such as objects found walking around, impressions made by sacred objects during visits to museums, and architectural forms around the world. In his studio process, these influences are all internalized, absorbed and combined to create unique items for daily use. 

Note: Sometimes there are cracks that develop secretly, before the the porcelain becomes vitreous (“glass-like”), and the dry porcelain is exceedingly fragile. Even the consistency of the mix of liquid clay can affect the way pieces can emerge from the kiln with a crack. In this case, it adds to the natural character of the pieces.


From Dan's unique take on product development through experimentation & remixing of forms come shapes that are castable in molds and subsequently cast in delicate and beautiful porcelain through a process called slip casting. 

This is a process where liquid clay is poured into and absorbed by a plaster mold, then after a few minutes emptied leaving a thin layer of porcelain behind; a common industrial practice for basins, figurines and teapots. Dan employs this process to make new solutions for timeless functional items such as vessels for coffee or tea, vases for flowers, small unique incense burners and pots for cactus or succulents. Also popular are wine corks, candleholders, and soon, larger display trays and plates.

This project is designed to create new and exciting forms that will be both used daily and highly valued as aesthetic and artistic objects.

Color: Celadon Blue

Pickup available at Williamsburg Store

Usually ready in 2 hours